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The Challenge

We are in the midst of perhaps some of the most challenging times to have ever existed for the religion of Islam. With a divided world, full of conflict and divisions we often find ourselves questioning our religion more than ever before. Coupled with the rise of social media and social issues which have not been seen to this extent before the challenges facing us are all too real.

Many of us are continually asking ourselves the same questions:

  • How can I make sure my parenting skills are adequate enough to deal with the multitude of issues facing young people today?
  • How do I understand the basis of my religion and use that to deal with hatred and conflict?
  • How can I answer questions and misconceptions about Islam and Shias?
  • How do I get the youth to connect more with their faith?
  • How do I become a dignified citizen who spreads peace and harmony?

So how can NIE help?

Our unique courses are designed to help you have access to scholarly-led education which is enhanced by facilitators who have been working in these fields for many years, providing them with a wealth of experience and knowledge. This form of learning can be hugely beneficial to supplement and solidify your existing knowledge base. We focus on a wide variety of topics and regularly run surveys within our community to see what people are interested in.

Our courses are also very interactive and allow for in-depth learning in a relaxed and fun environment. Islam has solutions for a wide spectrum of issues from social taboos, stereotypes, prejudices to akhlaq and fiqh (jurisprudence). We make sure our courses are engaging and deal with very contemporary issues – importantly, they are open to all. If we expect to rise to the challenges of our time we need the tools to help us. It is essential to understand the reasons behind our faith as this can help us make better-informed life choices and deal effectively with misconceptions.