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When a person dies, all of his deeds come to an end except for three things:

Sadaqa Jariya (continuous charity)
Knowledge which will benefit others
A righteous child who prays for him

Prophet Muhammad (s), Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol 2, p.23


We have a number of expenses including the following:

  • High-quality videos and clips, presented by world-renowned scholars. 
  • Regular graphics content including Islamic journals, leaflets, posters, posts and other inspirational and useful material widely distributed online for free.
  • Relevant and timely publications which are available to download on our website.
  • Hugely popular courses for the wider and international community have been organised by Noor Islamic Education for the last six years – both in person and online. The courses are focused on marriage, parenting, Islamic development for boys and girls and other key contemporary issues. 
  • Marriage support and counselling services for couples and families.
  • Website packed full of useful resources, and a section for people to ask their Islamic questions (Ask the Sheikh) and more..
  • Providing regular engagement and community support for Islamic issues and questions.

Our mission is to educate people in the teachings of Islam. We work hard to continually ensure the accessibility and relevancy of our content and ensure that it is presented in an engaging manner which can be understood by all. We are incredibly passionate about Islamic development within our communities and recognise that without this we are stagnant and unable to live an Islamic lifestyle in the face of increasingly difficult social and ethical challenges.

Your donation will be highly appreciated and will enable us to significantly increase our content production and activities. Spreading knowledge is a fundamental duty which falls on all of us – by contributing some of your khums donations to Noor Islamic Education, you can be part of an amazing Sadadqa Jariya project which will continue to benefit people for years to come Insha’Allah.

All our activities are under the direction and supervision of Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli.

Noor Islamic Education, being part of Noor Trust, has permission to utilise 50% of khums donations, as per the permission given by His Eminance Ayatollah Sistani (ha).

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Or if you would like to discuss this directly with Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, he can be reached at:

Thank you! Your reward is, of course, with the Almighty (s).