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About us

Engage minds in the beautiful teachings of Islam.
Educate by disseminating knowledge.
Empower people to positive change.

Noor Islamic Education is passionate about disseminating knowledge and addressing topical issues within the framework of Islamic teachings.

We use various platforms to share knowledge and produce relevant and timely information for the local and worldwide community.

Over the last five years we have also been running highly popular courses in various topics including marriage, spouse selection, parenting, Quran tafsir and much more! We regularly produce publications including books on immersive and intellectual subjects. We also create easy-to-access digital content such as videos, infographics and podcasts.



We are always enthusiastic and keen to involve people in our projects which are expanding and growing everyday. We would be delighted to welcome you to our friendly team.

Whether you have a particular skill such as Graphic Design, Editing, Event planning, Organisation, Course Facilitation, Research, Marketing or administration.