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During September, Noor Islamic Education held a very successful and interactive Fiqh course over four weeks. This was held online via Zoom for girls aged 12-14 and was facilitated by Layla Al-Khoee, a London-based lawyer, with much experience teaching Islamic education to girls over the last 15 years.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed her sessions where she held in-depth discussions on the rules of salah, wudhu, haydh, hygiene, hijab and much more! They asked many questions and Layla was great at making them feel at ease throughout the four sessions. Fiqh is an essential part of practising Islam and our aim was to ensure the girls knew exactly what was needed to ensure they fulfil their wajib acts. We look forward to working with more girls in 2021 InshaAllah!

Some testimonials from this course:

“The teacher was lovely, very calm, used lovely encouraging words no threatening. Very informative yet not too detailed or boring thank you so much my daughter loved it.”

“Thank you for this initiative. We all learned from it. May Allah reward you and your team abundantly in both worlds Ameen!”