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Noor Islamic Education is pleased to announce the completion of its annual ‘Successful Marriage Course‘ for couples, held in London on 9th & 10th December 2023.

Throughout the programme, participants explored an array of highly engaging and crucial topics aimed at fostering a robust and healthy marriage.

The course covered a spectrum of subjects, including self-awareness, navigating relationships with in-laws, mastering the art of constructive conflict resolution (‘fighting right’), examining theological ideas to help understand where marriage fits into our own lives, and exploring the dynamics of sexual psychology within the context of a married relationship.

The feedback received from participants for both the content and the facilitators was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the effectiveness and importance of this course for married couples. Attendees particularly enjoyed learning about the various tools they can now use to help their marriages, as well as the use of different role plays to see how relationships can work in real life.

It’s worth noting that we organise this course once a year as part of our commitment to supporting and enriching marital relationships within the community.

We look forward to continuing our journey of empowerment and education with you inshaAllah!