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We were delighted to hold our annual Spouse Selection Course on Saturday 8th June, for its 8th consecutive year!

30 people from across London, Milton Keynes and Scotland attended! We had a fantastic day together with lots of lively discussions and riveting questions, keeping everyone deeply engaged.

We covered crucial Fiqh scenarios and used role plays to demonstrate how couples can meet and start conversations. This approach was extremely useful for helping participants understand how to apply these strategies to their own first meetings. 

Providing a space for people to network without pressure, in a safe, supervised, and comfortable environment, allowed them to meet in a natural setting. Participants shared how they might view certain characteristics of potential spouses, particularly their social media profiles. This was a highly useful way for people to evaluate themselves before embarking on this important and exciting stage of life.

We look forward to welcoming many of the participants back for our Successful Marriage Course, InshaAllah!

Here is some of the feedback we received from participants:

I found the course to be exceptionally beneficial and well-taught. The insights and guidance provided have been incredibly valuable, and I feel more prepared and confident in making informed decisions.

The Course helped me get much more comfortable thinking about marriage and the steps leading up to it especially by discussing with like minded people.”

I particularly appreciated the approach and the practical advice that was shared. The interactive elements and real-life examples made the concepts much easier to grasp and apply. It was evident that a lot of thought and effort went into designing and delivering the course content, and I am truly grateful for that.