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We were delighted to hold our annual Spouse Selection Course in person after a long hiatus! 

24 people from across London, Birmingham and Ireland attended! We had a fantastic day together with lots of lively discussions and riveting questions posed by participants to each other.

From discussing crucial fiqh scenarios and using role plays to understand how to engage with others, the course was an eye-opener for many of our guests. 

We look forward to seeing many of them back again at The Successful Marriage Course Insha’Allah!

Some of the feedback we received from participants included:

“I liked how interactive the course was. Rather than just having lots of information been talked at us, it was nice to be able to discuss things with other people as well as hear other people’s view points on different things especially when it came to opinions from the opposite gender regarding social media and things like that. The role plays were also really nice to see as we could learn what to do and what to avoid in the meeting phase to avoid making things awkward and like an interview.”

“The facilitators were excellent. Very interactive, and I enjoyed listening to them.”

“I found the breakdown of the core values beneficial – really made me think how these different levels can be brought up in conversations/meetings in a subtle way.”