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An important subject associated with the Qurʾān is tafsīr (“exegesis” or “commentary”). Throughout Islamic history, many scholars have dedicated their lives towards seeking an understanding of the Qurʾān and presenting their work to the masses. Within the Shi‘i school, the emphasis in exegesis has been on utilizing the traditions of the Ahl al-Bayt (a), since they are established as the equals of the Qurʾān. This, therefore, becomes an essential tenet of these commentaries. 

Weekly tafsīr programmes were held at our offices in Stanmore, North West London. 45 lectures were delivered across two years (2015 to 2017), on the exegesis of this important chapter. The style of tafsīr included presentation of a range of opinions, stemming mainly from Shiʿi exegetes. The lectures also aimed to analyse Surah Taha within the context of contemporary challenges and  were then transcribed and made into a book entitled, ‘The Secrets of Happiness: An inspiring journey into chapter 20 of the Holy Quran’. This book has been the culmination of years of research into Chapter 20 of the Holy Quran – Taha – and goes through a comprehensive analysis of many Quranic topics and discusses in-depth the concept of happiness and the secrets to achieving it.

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