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The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. Peggy O’Mara

Connecting with a teen can be a tough task! Overnight your angelic, can-do-no-wrong child has turned into a sassy, argumentative, social media obsessed teenager! Relax! We are here for you. Our experts – parents themselves with teenagers – are going through it and will work with you to strengthen that incredibly important bond between a parent and teenager. 

Part of parental responsibility in Islam comes from God. The Holy Quran and teachings of the Prophet are full of wonderful examples of the relationships between parents and children. For example,  Ibrahim (a) and his relationship with Ismail (a),  or the way Prophet Yaqub (a) dealt with the challenges of his son, Yusuf (a). The Quran also tell us of parenting styles they chose to adopt.

The Islamic duty of parents is to raise children with good characters and followers of the faith. Character building of youth is therefore critical and our course focuses on this. It is important for parents to be in a position to instil the correct values and work together with their teen to attain God’s pleasure – strengthening their mutual bond and love.

Our parenting courses are therefore designed to help you with exactly this.

Topics Include:

  • Respect v Obedience
  • Self-Reflection Questionnaires
  • Role models
  • Parental relationship
  • The Brain Model
  • Peer pressure and Identity
  • Plan and Achieve
  • Accepting Responsibility
  • Gaining independence 
  • Social Engagement
  • Connection 
  • Love Languages
  • Developing a parent-teen relationship

Past Courses

Past Courses

Successful Parenting 2018

Past Courses

Successful Parenting 2019

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