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🕋 Recommended Hajj Niyabah 🕋 

Attain the thawab of a recommended Hajj! 

Noor Islamic Education is delighted to announce the opportunity for you to have your name mentioned in Hajj this year and to receive the thawab (reward) of an entire recommended Hajj!

The mustahab (recommended) Hajj will be performed on your behalf or on the behalf of any living or deceased person. There is no prerequisite for you to have performed your wajib hajj!

The Hajj Niyabah will be performed by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli.

Suggested £50 donation for each name submitted. 

The donation will go towards supporting Noor Islamic Education Projects such as videos, publications, courses and other useful initiatives benefiting thousands around the world!

Please fill the form to register for the Hajj Niyabah.

Deadline for registering: Tuesday 20th June at 11pm

Please contact us on if you would like more information.