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  • Mondays, 7, 14, 21 & 28 June 2021; 20:00 - 22:45 UK Time
  • Online via Zoom
  • £80.00

“And we created you in pairs.”

(Holy Quran 78:8)

Have you been married for over 10 years? Then our brand-new Successful Marriage course could be just for you! Noor Islamic Education has been running the ‘Successful Marriage Course’ for couples married under ten years for the past six years and it has helped hundreds of people. Now this hugely popular and highly regarded course will be taking place for couples who have been married for more than 10 years. It will take place on Monday evenings in June 2021, via Zoom over a four-week period.

We will be covering topics such as ‘How to fight right’, ‘Dealing with in-laws’, Islamic rulings, Love Languages, MBTI personality tools and much much more! The challenges for couples who have been married for longer than 10 years can be varied especially if children or changing family situations are factored in.

A good marriage course can help a couple to ensure they build up a connection and bond to last them a lifetime and withstand any challenges along the way. Often we can enter into comfort zones and accept the status quo – why not take out a little time to invest in one of the most important things in your life which has been heavily emphasised upon by the Holy Prophet (s) and Ahlulbayt (a).

The course will be facilitated by  Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, Abbas and Shaheen Merali, and Dr Sarfraz Jeraj – with years of professional experience they will provide you and your spouse with the techniques to continue to work together for a successful marriage in the way the Almighty intended it.

Numbers are limited to 15 couples so please book now to avoid disappointment!


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