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Muharram Daily Guide

    Muharram Majalis and gatherings of mourning are held to honour the principals and values of Ashura and beyond, to inspire positive change and to motivate progression towards righteousness and the path of the Allah (swt). With this in mind and to help you make the most of this holy month, Noor Islamic Education has produced a Muharram Journal for the first 12 days of Muharram!

    This publication is packed with useful knowledge, reminders of Ashura heroes as well as daily practical tips! There are also maps, diagrams and some useful infographics for all! We have also provided some space in the journal for you to write your own notes from the daily Muharram Majalis. Write down any stories, Quranic ayat or hadith from the majalis that inspires you, this will help to preserve the key messages delivered throughout the first 12 nights of this blessed month.

    We invite you to share this valuable resource with others and encourage your feedback. Your input will help us continually improve and cater to the needs of our community.

      Please contact us on if you would like more information.