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Salat Al-Layl (The Night Prayer)

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    Benefits of Salat Al-Layl – Based on narrations from the Holy Prophet (s) and his family (a).

    • Brings happiness
    • Enlightens the face and gives a good smell to the body
    • Turns the grave into a garden of paradise
    • God is proud of His worshipper
    • Improves temper
    • Removes sorrow
    • Brings honour
    • Atonement for sins
    • Enlightens the grave
    • Wards off punishment
    • Leaving it prevents one’s sustenance
    • Improves eyesight
    • Lessens fear in the grave
    • Brings health and removes pain from the body
    • Helps reach a praiseworthy position
    • Leaving it can bring about sorrow and misery
    • Helps to reach high ranks
    • Shortens one’s stop on the day of judgement


    Tips on performing Salat Al-Layl

    • It’s 11 Rak’ahs (units), 5×2 and 1 by itself. But, we don’t have to do all of it if we can’t. We can do 9, 7, 5, 3 or just 1.
    • The best time to perform it is before Fajr. It can be done after midnight, or in fact as soon as we finish the Isha prayer!
    • Can be done as Qadha too, the next day.
    • It can be done standing, sitting or even on our backs in bed (by moving the head). All it needs is Wudhu.
    • Can also be done whilst walking!
    • You don’t need to recite all the recommended Dhikr. The more you do the better, but it shouldn’t put you off.
    • Make up obligatory Qadha Salah first. But have the intention that if you didn’t have Qadha you would have prayed Salat Al-Layl. You’ll get the reward Insha’Allah, as actions are judged by intentions. Also, even if you have Qadha, do the 1 Rak’ah Witr Salah too. (Recommended prayers can be performed if you have Qadha Salah to do)
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