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Salaat Al-Ghufayla Guide

    Why Pray Salaat Al-Ghufayla?

    Prayer is deeply ingrained in our daily lives, often becoming a routine so ingrained that we may neglect the opportunity for thoughtful reflection or the consideration it deserves.

    Often, with our evening prayers we may be rushing to perform them before dinner or in between other evening activities. The time period between Maghrib and Isha is often referred to as the time of ‘Ghafla‘, denoting negligence, as it tends to go unnoticed due to its brevity and the distractions that can occur. Usually, we perform Maghrib prayer followed by Isha without pausing to reflect on the relatively brief gap between these two prayers. The time span between Maghrib and Isha also serves as a reminder of life’s fleeting nature.

    Therefore, the ideal moment for Ghufayla prayers is immediately after Maghrib Salah and before the Isha prayers. Nevertheless, according to some scholars, you can still perform Salaat Al-Ghufayla after Isha prayers if you unintentionally miss it between Maghrib and Isha. It can also be part of the 4-Rakah Nafila of Maghrib.

    Prophet Muhammad (s) said those who pray Salaat Al-Ghufayla will inherit Paradise (Wasa’il Al-Shia, Vol. 5, p.121). It is also a great way of seeking repentance and fulfilment of desires. Additionally, the verses recited in the prayer offer comfort during moments of stress or difficulty. This prayer also includes the supplication of Prophet Yunus (a), serving as a divine source of assistance for distressed believers, as promised by Allah (swt) in the Holy Qur’an.

    It’s important to note that Islamic teachings stress the significance of recommended prayers as a means to compensate for lapses in our daily obligatory Salah (prayers). The more Mustahab prayers we engage in, the greater the likelihood that our daily Wajib prayers will find acceptance with Allah (swt).

    Therefore, Noor Islamic Education have produced this easy guide on how to perform this highly recommended prayer.

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