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Get ready for Bulugh with Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli!

The ‘Getting Ready for Bulugh‘ course for boys, is part of our Successful Islamic Development series. This comprehensive course delves into essential aspects that can help young boys in their journey towards becoming faithful, responsible and God-fearing men.

It is widely recognized that young boys often benefit from male role models to guide their personal growth. Hence, this course is facilitated by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, a distinguished Islamic scholar who is also a father to boys himself. With his extensive experience, he offers exceptional support and an enriching teaching experience.

Topics covered during the course include:

  • Signs of Bulugh
  • Ghusl
  • Taqlid and Marjiyya
  • Relationships (including LGBTQ, Pornography and Masturbation)
  • Importance of Salah

Many boys have found this course incredibly useful in helping them to successfully navigate this challenging time in their lives.

The course will run for 3 weeks online via Zoom, held on Saturdays. Each session will be 1 hour 15 mins.

This course is restricted for Boys aged 12-15 years only.

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Please note Cameras MUST be switched on for Safeguarding purposes.

Course Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations up to 1 week before will receive a 80% refund.
  • Cancellations up to 4 days before will receive a 50% refund.
  • There will be no refunds on cancellations made less than 4 days before, or after the course has begun.
Please contact us on if you would like more information.