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  • 14th, 21st, 28th January
  • 3 weeks online via Zoom
  • £60 per person

Get ready for Bulugh with Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli!

Many boys have found this course to be incredibly useful in helping them to successfully navigate this challenging time in their lives.

The course will cover:

– Signs of Bulugh
– Ghusl
– Taqlid and Marjiyya
– Relationships
– Important aspects of Salah

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli is an Islamic scholar, as well as being a father of boys himself. He is highly experienced and provides excellent support and teaching experience. Boys in particular often need male role models in order to understand how to develop themselves.

The Noor Islamic Education ‘Getting ready for Bulugh’ course is part of our Successful Islamic Development series. The fundamental steps covered in this course can help the next generation of boys to become faithful, responsible and God-wary men.

Spaces are limited for this highly popular course so please book today in order to avoid disappointment.



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