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Getting Ready for Bulugh (Puberty).*

Girls (8-9)
Boys (12-15)

A good Islamic foundation is an important precursor for a well developed and faithful adult. Children often face many negative influences and there are various pressures all around them. It is imperative therefore, that they have a strong moral foundation rooted deep within. They constantly face new challenges and often have many questions.

We introduced the Successful Islamic Development courses as a way to address these challenges and empower children to be comfortable and knowledgeable about their faith. Courses are conducted online and hundreds of children from across the world have benefited greatly.

The courses are led by scholars and instructors with knowledge and expertise in teaching children. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, the director of Noor Islamic Education, is a world-renowned Islamic lecturer and scholar who has extensive experience working with teenagers. He oversees all courses and is also the instructor for the boys bulugh and teenage courses. The girls courses are conducted by Layla Khoei, who is a lawyer and highly experienced Islamic teacher. We are also expanding our breadth of qualified course instructors.

We have designed these courses to help children have a safe space to learn and have their questions answered. They will be taught to understand the responsibility as well the Islamic laws associated with bulugh (puberty).

Topics covered include:

Getting Ready for Bulugh (Puberty): Girls:*

  • Signs of Bulugh
  • Taqlid and Marjiyya
  • Hijab
  • Salah
  • Morality
  • Fiqh
  • Hygiene
  • Menstruation

Getting Ready for Bulugh (Puberty): Boys:*

  • Signs of Bulugh
  • Ghusl Taqlid and Marjiyya
  • Relationships (between genders and homosexuality)
  • Motivation for Salah

Past Courses

Fiqh Course Girls 12-14

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