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  • 14-18 Sep 2022
  • Online
  • £45 Both parents can attend

We’ve had a fantastic few Monday evenings recently at Noor Islamic Education! We were fortunate to meet approximately 40 parents from across the globe for our 5th Annual Parenting Course held online during March 2021 to discuss the highly contentious topic of…teenagers!

It was absolutely wonderful to hear so many different perspectives and all of us benefited from the expert guidance provided by Sr. Shaheen Merali and Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli. During the course we delved into the psychology governing teenage behaviour, as well as highly practical ways to respond effectively and formulate excellent relationships with our teenage children.

Through interesting group discussions and role plays with real life scenarios, we further cemented this knowledge and many parents left feeling satisfied that they had gained useful tools to work on with their children. Ultimately, a loving and successful parental-teen relationship needs to be pleasing to the Creator and the Islamic guidance at each step complemented the methodologies used.

Here are some testimonials below!

“The course was beneficial for us. Excellent guidance and explanation on how to deal with our teenage children. Really enjoyed the small group interaction, was comfortable. Having Sheikh Hilli as a religious scholar adds to the guidance provided by Shaheen.

“The course was excellent. Definitely a game changer for me. “

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