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Without a doubt, parenting is one of the hardest jobs in terms of the pressure and challenges to get it right. However, it is something we usually have no training in! This is where Noor Islamic Education comes in. We are here to help you gear up for the many challenges parenting will continue to throw at you!

Our Successful Parenting course takes place every year and is usually sectioned into the ages of 0-7 and 8+, with a course for parenting teenagers as well. The aim of our parenting courses is to provide you with proven strategies and the necessary skills to parent effectively, enjoyably and most importantly, in a way which is pleasing to God.

We adopt the teachings from the Holy Quran and the Ahlulbayt (a) while making use of modern day techniques and tips to ensure that contemporary issues which are important to you are dealt with effectively within a religious context.

Our Courses are facilitated by  Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli and Shaheen Merali – with years of professional experience, they help parents successfully navigate the incredibly important task of raising children. Through engaging and interactive tools they present the best ways of tackling the multiple issues and dilemmas involved in raising children in the West.



Topics covered include:

  • The development of children
  • Connecting with your child
  • Self-reflections and assessing our role as parents in the development of children
  • Purpose/aim of childhood environment is key
  • Phases of growth
  • Learning the importance of play
  • Genuine encounters between parent/child
  • Connection before Correction
  • Obedience vs Cooperation



Part of parental responsibility in Islam comes from God. The Holy Quran and teachings of the Prophet are full of wonderful examples of the relationships between parents and children. For example, Ibrahim (a) and his relationship with Ismail (a), or the way Prophet Yaqub (a) dealt with the challenges of his son, Yusuf (a). The Quran also tells us of parenting styles they chose to adopt.

The Islamic duty of parents is to raise children with good characters and followers of the faith. Character building of youth is therefore critical and our course focuses on this. It is important for parents to be in a position to instill the correct values and work together with their teens to attain God’s pleasure – strengthening their mutual bond and love. Our parenting courses are therefore designed to help you with exactly this.


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