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Successful Teenage Course for Girls Aged 15-18

In today’s society, teenagers face a multitude of challenges. These challenges include pressures stemming from social media, heightened academic expectations and a morality crisis. Recognizing the necessity for their support, we developed the ‘Successful Teenager Course‘ for girls.

This course is designed specifically to assist young women, aged 15-18 years, in successfully navigating this complex time in their life.

The course is led by Sister Layla Al-Khoee, an experienced facilitator who cultivates an interactive and inclusive learning atmosphere, allowing participants to acquire knowledge and pose questions freely.

The course is are run online, once a week for four weeks.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • How to navigate the relationships in my life
  • Getting the essentials right: Ghusl, Wudhu & Salah
  • How do I use Social Media effectively?
  • Contemporary issues
  • Celebrity culture
  • Peer Pressure
  • Looking after my Mental Health


Past Courses

Fiqh Course Girls 12-14

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