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Noor Islamic Education is pleased to present a brand new course:

Successful Islamic Development Course for Boys: Getting Ready for Bulugh (Puberty).

Raising teenage boys in today’s society is a huge challenge. With so many negative influences and pressures all around, it is imperative that they have a strong moral foundation deep rooted within. They are facing new challenges and often have many questions. This course will provide them with a safe, interactive, and engaging opportunity to discuss and understand the issues that are relevant to them. The topics discussed will be related to fiqh, relationships, peer pressure, drugs and other challenges present within contemporary society. The course will be led by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, who has experience of conducting similar courses and working with the youth. It will run for 4 weeks online via zoom, starting Saturday 13th February at 4 PM (UK Time). This course is restricted for Boys aged 12-15 only.

Limited spaces are available so please register asap!